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Let the Halo dash cam look out for you in 2016

Road Angel Halo

Giving Road Angel’s Halo dash cam as a gift this Christmas is one way to look out for your loved ones in the new year and beyond.

Priced at £199.99, the Halo dash cam consists of two cameras – one for recording video footage out of the front windscreen and one for out of the rear window.

Road Angel Halo dash cam The cameras are discreet and can be fitted to any car to record evidence of accidents, bad driving or knocks when the car is left safely parked up.

The footage and location details stored by Halo are accepted as evidence by both the police and insurance firms.

Each camera has a high-definition lens covering a 150° arc out the front and behind the car.

Halo automatically saves the footage (in HD) to the included SD memory card. It also comes with PC software that lets you look back on your journeys and view and save any incidents.

The unit intelligently manages all of the data so you don’t need to – it’s easy for you or your loved ones to simply fit and forget.

The Halo dash cam has a recommended retail price of £199.99 and is available at Halfords, Road Angel resellers or online at: www.roadangelgroup.com/ProductDetails.aspx

Technical highlights:
1280p x 720p forward facing camera / 640p x 480p rear facing camera
150° viewing angle
Built-in G-force sensor
Built-in GPS with Google Maps
Voice and sound alerts
Records sound (the microphone can be turned on or off)
12-month warranty

Note to editors:

Established in 2002, the Road Angel Group is the renowned pioneer of safety camera locators and its most up-to-date model is called the Gem+, retailing at £199.99.

Road Angel also sells Bike-Trac – a tracking unit that helps the owner and the police to track and recover a stolen motorcycle. 

For more information on other Road Angel products, please visit www.roadangellive.com

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