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Taxi drivers consider using the Halo dashcam

The growth in the use of dashcams across the UK has been widely reported, but little has been mentioned about their use by professional drivers.

As such, the Road Angel Group is encouraging drivers of HGVs, LGVs and taxi cabs to consider installing its new Halo dashcam.

The Halo differs from some other dashcams on the market as it has a rear-facing camera (as well as a front-facing one) to capture footage from behind a vehicle.

This combination of footage from both front and rear facing cameras means that Halo provides extra evidence for insurance companies (or for the police) to help safeguard professional drivers against disputed accidents or false claims.

While everyday motorists currently face increased insurance premiums from an accident or fraudulent claim, for professional drivers the ramifications of a ‘cash for crash’ scam or accident are much more costly.

Road Angel Group’s Sue Hitchmough commented, “For professional drivers, accidents cause a great deal more problems than just an inflated insurance premium, it affects their day-to-day working life.

 “Halo will allow professional drivers to drive with the peace of mind that if they are caught in an accident or a cash for crash scam, then Halo will record footage from both in front and behind the vehicle. This is particularly important for drivers of long vehicles or large vans.”

 The Halo is particularly well suited for taxi drivers, who are now at risk of claims from their own customers. This is because Halo can record sound from within the vehicle (this function can be switched on or off), and the rear facing camera can be set up to record footage of passengers inside the vehicle (using a 0.1m long adapter cable that costs £7.99) instead of being used to capture footage out of the rear window.

Sue Hitchmough adds, “We’ve been in talks with a number of taxi firms who are considering using the Halo dashcam in this way. You simply mount the rear-facing camera inside the cab and angle it to get the best view of the passengers.”

The Road Angel Halo has a recommended retail price of £199 and is available through all Road Angel resellers.


Notes to editor:

Halo is the newest driver safety product to come from the UK based Road Angel Group.

Sales of dashcams in the UK have risen by 918% in the past 12 months according to a survey by market research company GKR.

Halo has a 150° camera angle on both the front and rear cameras. High Definition (HD)| footage is recorded on to the included SD memory card. The entire system intelligently manages the data meaning that drivers can simply fit and forget. It automatically switches itself on when the iginition starts. Halo comes with software for a PC that lets you download the footage off of the SD card.

The Road Angel Group was established in 2002 and is the renowned pioneer of safety camera technology serving drivers with the latest in-car technology.

Journalists can keep up to date with news from the Road Angel Group and find out about its products at www.roadangellive.com

Footage from the Halo dashcam can be shared with us on Twitter @RoadAngelSafety or on Facebook www.facebook.com/RoadAngelGroup with the hashtag #MyHalo


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