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Bike Trac – follow the adventures

While we could be accused of shouting about the many recoveries we make each month we’re not so vocal about the many adventure trips and charity rides we sponsor, utilising Bike Trac for live tracking.

In 2014 alone, we backed several high profile trips, that not only helped to assure the personal safety of each rider, but allowed family, friends and sponsors the chance see their progress, live 24/7.

Thanks to the unique technology developed by Bike Trac, the unit can monitor a rider’s progress, with data sent back to the online portal as it happens.

Since its introduction, riders have been tracked right across the globe. From small charity trips around the UK, to cross-continental adventures with the likes of Charley Boorman.Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 14.17.04

In 2014 we backed a number of trips, with arguably one of the highest profile being Bike Magazine’s ride from Peterborough to Japan.10492043_10152505315946215_8316758941201853514_n

Tracking live for the 12,000 miles and five months, Bike Trac followed the three-man tag team every step of the way, and with each leg completely solo and without any support, Bike Trac’s tech was vital.

And after their epic trip, we even tracked the bike’s safe return (flight) back to the UK.

Check it out here: http://events.biketrac.co.uk/profile/bike-to-japan/

Another hugely impressive adventure, and one that’s still happening right now, is one woman’s solo navigation of the globe.promo shot with bike1

‘One Steph Beyond’ is Steph Jeavons attempt to ride on every continent with her trusty CR250L. Not one to be constrained by any set route or time limit, Steph’s already ridden down through Europe, into Asia and across much of Australia. The gritty Brit’s final leg (or so she thinks) is in progress right now as she makes her way north through South America.

Check out Steph’s epic trip here: http://events.biketrac.co.uk/profile/one-steph-beyond/

But adventure motorcycling isn’t just the preserve of the young, free and single, as retired John Rynne and wife Brigid are proving on their latest adventure to China.

Raising funds for charity on the ride from their home in Ireland to China and back, the Rynne’s are no strangers to long distance adventure trips, after catching the bug in 2001 on a ride across America.

Ten years after returning from their 15,000 mile ride across the U.S, the Rynne’s could stand the urge no longer and embarked on a charity ride to Moscow, raising £15,000 in the process for the Poppa Guttmann Trust at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Commencing their latest ride to China in April of this year, the trip has not been without its dramas after Brigid sustained a broken fibula from an accident in Russia and had to return home. Undeterred, John continued his journey and just this weekend (June 14/15) reached China! Just the small matter of turning around and doing it all the way home again now!china

Brigid on the other hand is recovering well at home in Ireland and plans to fly out to Moscow in July to continue her ride alone, covering the 6,000 miles to meet John in Ulanbaatar.

To follow John’s progress live, click here: http://www.inaghtochina.com/biketrac-live/

Like all the adventures we support, information can be found on our Facebook page, but in-depth interviews and profiles on many of these will follow here on Road Angel Live soon.

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