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Record recovery month for Bike Trac celebrated

Following a record first half to 2014, where Road Angel Group reported that its Bike Trac product had recovered more stolen machines in the first six months than in the same period since its introduction, the team are delighted to confirm that October 2014 was Bike Trac’s most successful month for recoveries ever.

Recovering no-less than 17 stolen motorcycles in October, Bike Trac smashed its previous monthly record of 11 (June 2013), with a significant proportion of recoveries in and around the London area.

Commencing on the very first day of October, with two machines recovered, the Bike Trac Secure Operating Team were kept busy throughout the month with another three machines stolen and recovered on Friday 3rd, before an astonishing five more were recovered on the 12th. A day later the team recovered two more in London, before another blip towards the end of the month that saw another five machines stolen and successfully recovered too.

Bike Trac’s Carys Seabourne, commented, “Naturally the whole team are incredibly proud of this achievement, but we really must thank the Police involved who know and trust Bike Trac when we give them details of a stolen machine that we’ve tracked. Thanks to our technology we can be confident of a location, helping Police to justify resources and warrants once located.”

Up until the end of October Bike Trac has been responsible for recovering no-less than 70 machines in 2014 at a value currently of £692,000. Launched in 2009, Bike Trac is now considered as the leading motorcycle-specific tracking device, with Thatcham Category 6 & 7 ratings.

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