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Bike Trac supports UK to India record attempt

Bike Trac is pleased to confirm support of a new India Book of Records attempt, as Sushanth Shetty sets out to ride his Suzuki Hayabusa from the UK to India in the quickest overland time possible.

sushanth road angelSetting off from the UK this Saturday (25 October), Sushanth, who lives in London but retains his Indian citizenship, will ride his Hayabusa initially through Europe to Turkey and then Iran, before hopefully heading into Pakistan if his visa application is accepted in time, or Dubai instead before arriving in India.

Expected to take 15 days, the challenge, called The East India Express, is no easy ride, with travel through some difficult areas and accommodation provided every step of the way thanks to the unique Couch Surfing website and community.

Sushanth, who recently visited Bike Trac HQ and who is no stranger to travel in Europe and Asia, told Road Angel Live, “This trip is really an itch I’ve wanted to scratch for a very long time. While I like to travel, I’m not the type to go off for twelve months and find myself, I prefer my adventures at a faster pace. While I can’t wait to get started, there are some sections of the journey that I’m a little apprehensive about. The crucial element is getting into Pakistan, but then when I do it’s likely that I will need to travel the country under police escort. Of course if I don’t get my visa approved, it’s Dubai and a boat or two. It will be adventure whatever way fate rolls the dice.”

During his journey, Sushanth will be using the popular Couch Surfing website community for his accommodation, that effectively allows members to contact other members in cities they are visiting and stay in their house, flat or apartment.

To follow Sushanth’s journey live with Bike Trac, http://events.biketrac.co.uk/profile/the-east-india-express/

For more information visit http://theeastindiaexpress.com

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