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Tough Track fights rural crime

As reported in the national news this week courtesy of the National Farmers Union, rural crime is on the increase in the UK with a staggering £44.5 million cost to the rural community in 2013 alone. But with the launch of Tough Track from Road Angel Fleet, there’s now has a viable and effective way to fight back.

WIth figures showing a 5.2 percent increase in rural theft last year compared to 2012, and with more paid out in Insurance claims in that period too, it’s an increasing issue for farmers and rural workers who wish to protect their equipment and livelihood. But thanks to Tough Track, a high-tech versatile tracking device, the rural community can do precisely that and in very remote locations too.
Tough Track2
Road Angel’s Carys Seabourne explained the technology, “Utilising our extensive experience in automotive tracking, we are able to bring a new, tough and versatile product to the market, developed specifically to protect large high value assets located in the remotest of locations. Using its own internal power source, Tough Track benefits from a bullet proof construction that can be welded or bolted into place and then effectively tracked live by its user online.

“Wether you wish to protect a large item of machinery, like a tractor or combine harvester, or wish to keep tabs on a container full of tools, Tough Track provides a viable and cost effective solution, that can be monitored online 24/7.”

As well as protecting larger assets, the company also has a proven track record with its Bike Trac ATV product, that not only protects quads and ATVs from theft, but also affords lone workers an extra level of safety with live tracking too.

Tough Track is available from Road Angel Fleet with a purchase price of £399+ Vat and subscription, while Bike Trac ATV is available from £299 plus subscription.

For more information on Tough Track please contact Road Angel Group on 01327 855 586 or email info@roadangelfleet.com and for Bike Trac ATV, please visit – www.biketrac.co.uk/atv

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