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Tough Track announced

Road Angel Fleet will launch its latest innovation at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham tomorrow (April 29), as Tough Track makes its worldwide debut.

Developed from Road Angel Group’s considerable experience in automotive fleet tracking and security innovation, Tough Track is a unique asset tracker that thanks to its patented impact resilient casing will protect even the most remotely located items, due to bullet-proof material and its own self-contained power source.

Tough Track2With the ability to bolt or weld into place, Tough Track is the first and only tracking device with an internal aerial not to be housed in plastic. With a patented armoured case specifically designed to deal with the most hostile of environments, Tough Track can withstand serious impact and weather conditions, that thanks to its own power supply, needs no attention for up to ten years*.

Road Angel Group’s Carys Seabourne, explained, “Many assume that tracking is an expensive business, but thanks to Tough Track we are now able to bring a unit to market that can cost effectively protect a wide range of items. Whether you wish to protect a large shipping container, a lorry trailer or even a skip, Tough Track can keep your asset safe.”

Thanks to Road Angel’s extensive automotive tracking experience with products like Bike Trac, Mileage Track and Live Track, users can quickly see the location of Tough Track equipped items online, all day, every day, with movement alerts delivered straight to your email inbox or via text message.

To see Tough Track and Road Angel Group’s other tracking products for yourself, visit us at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham from 29th April – May 1st. Stand 4F110.


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