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Gem + now available

Following its launch at the end of last year, that saw it sell out in a matter of days, we’re delighted to confirm availability of the Gem + once again, the most advanced speed management device on the market.


Developed and manufactured in the UK, Gem + takes speed management to a new level, thanks to its market-leading accuracy that provides advanced warning of safety cameras, automatically updated due to integrated mobile phone technology.

Carys Seabourne of Road Angel Group explained, “The technology within Gem + enables us to offer drivers much more than just a speed management device. While its primary function is to give advanced notice of fixed cameras, the Gem + works with you every mile of the journey, thanks to constant road speed limit information that’s vehicle type selectable, accident black spot warnings, mobile camera sites and even direction travel too.”

In addition to the features that push data and information to the driver, the Gem + SpeedShareTM system allows drivers  to feed back information to the central database, enabling users to notify the Gem + community as whole of brand new sites, be it a mobile camera van in a new location or a brand an area they feel should be marked as a black spot.

Accident assistance is now also just a button push away with the Gem+ thanks to its eAssist feature that allows drivers to contact emergency services and speak via the units built-in microphone.

The Road Angel Gem + has a recommended retail price of £159.99 and can be bought online at www.roadangelgroup.com

Key benefits of the Road Angel Gem + include:

•  Fixed safety cameras
•  Mobile safety camera locations
•  Average speed camera zones
•  Red light cameras
•  Red light speed cameras
•  Hot Alerts – Most frequented camera van sites
•  Black-spot areas
•  School zones
•  Congestion charge zones
•  Fatigue warnings
•  Railway crossings
• Clear display of appropriate road-speed
• SpeedShareTM feature
• CameraShareTM feature
• eAssist link to emergency services
• Audible and visual warnings
• Overspeed warning
• Advisory speed limit at camera locations
• Continuous speed reading of vehicle
• Simple dash-mount, and plug and go installation
• Full colour screen with, easy-to-use interface
• 12 month return to supplier warranty
• KPH function
• Auto Day/night mode
• Inbuilt Compass
• 100% legal

The UK’s most accurate safety camera and black-spot alerts system, with automatic updates every few minutes.

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