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Bike Trac Celebrates Record Year

280114biketracBike Trac, the renowned motorcycle tracking device, celebrated a record year of recoveries in 2013, with no-less than 59 stolen motorcycles returned to their rightful owners along with a number of high-profile arrests too.

Manufactured by automotive technology experts Road Angel Group, Bike Trac is the only motorcycle-specific tracking device to offer Thatcham Category 6 and 7 ratings, effectively making it the only system that can truly track and precisely locate a stolen motorcycle in virtually any set of circumstances.

Bike Trac’s Bill Taylor explained, “We’ve been continuously developing Bike Trac for the last four years and as a result we’ve seen increases in recoveries every year since. 2013 was very significant, as we were awarded Thatcham Cat 7 on top of our existing 6 rating, effectively acknowledging the RF technology that our units boast too.”

Unlike rival products, the inclusion of RF technology in the Bike Trac unit means tracking is not relying just on a GPS signal. If the GPS signal disappears or a stolen machine is located to a general area (like a block of garages), RF can pin-point its exact location – an attribute tested many times when Police need an exact location to use a search warrant.

“The recoveries in 2013 have certainly kept us on our toes”, continued Taylor. “From bikes tracked to ferry ports to live Police chases and even successful overseas recoveries, we’ve been able to assist and recover over half a million pounds worth of motorcycles. The technology in Bike Trac is still unrivalled, and as you can see from updates on our Facebook page, thieves continue to try their luck come rain or shine.”

Bike Trac continues to enjoy official endorsement from Ducati UK, with more than 600 Ducati’s protected by Road Angel’s technology in the UK, with customers benefitting from insurance discounts of up to 25%.

Bike Trac is a small and discreet device that can be fitted to any motorcycle, and even machines without a battery. It has a recommended retail price of £299 plus first year subscription of £99. Options on two and three years are available too.

Bike Trac customers can also enjoy a significant 25% discount on their Insurance currently throughwww.moto-insure.co.uk – call 01582 839 100.

For more information please visit www.biketrac.co.uk or Follow us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/BikeTrac

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