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Is the driver in front teatotal?

As the festive period is upon us out come the traditional road safety campaigns aimed at reminding Britain’s motorists of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Many of us, sensible law abiding citizens, can be tempted to change habits we have held throughout the year.  However a cheeky lunchtime festive drink or two with a colleague or a client can have huge ramifications.

Some may not be aware of the true impact of being caught drink driving.  According to the DfT, almost a third (27 per cent) of people rely on their car to get to work, and would have to give up their job if they were caught drink driving, while many alternative jobs would be closed to them because they require a criminal records check – including teaching, financial services and the armed forces.

A third of convicted drink drivers surveyed say they have been limited on the jobs they can do since their offence by not being able to drive.

But how serious is the issue of drink driving?  According the road safety charity Brake, in 2011, one in seven road deaths in Great Britain involved drink drivers over the current 80mg limit.  280 deaths and 1,290 serious injuries occurred when someone was over the drink drive limit.

Many more drink drive crashes are caused by drivers who only have small amounts of alcohol in their blood. A further estimated 65 deaths per year are caused by drivers who are under the drink drive limit, but who have a significant amount of alcohol in their blood over 50mg.


 Research shows even very small amounts of alcohol, well under the current UK limit, significantly increase reaction times and therefore your risk of crashing.  With a level of 20-50mg of alcohol per 100ml blood, drivers have at least a three times greater risk of dying in a crash than those with no alcohol in their blood. This increases to at least six times with an alcohol level of 50-80mg, and 11 times with 80-100mg.

‘Safety conscious’ drivers sometimes count the number of units they have consumed to avoid going over the limit.  However this is not completely reliable way of estimating the level of alcohol in your blood, as alcohol is absorbed at different rates depending on various factors including height, weight, tiredness, stress levels, and how much and how recently you have eaten.

Introducing the AlcoSense. AlcoSense is a pocket sized alcohol breathalyser, designed and developed specifically for the UK market. No larger than a mobile phone, it’s quick and easy to use at anytime, anywhere. Within seconds it will give you an accurate reading of your level of intoxication and will even warn you when you are near or over the UK drink drive limit.

Road Angel is pleased to offer an exclusive discount on AlcoSense Elite to all customers – Call us on 01327 855586 for more information.

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