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Cash for Crash –You’re at Greater Risk Than You May Think

Although many people may have heard of stories of ‘cash for crash’ – the tactic of unscrupulous drivers intentionally causing road accidents with the aim of making fraudulent insurance claims, many may not be aware of how prevalent the practice is.

According to Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates around 30,000 crash for cash incidents take place every year, costing insurers around £350 million and pushing up premiums for honest, innocent drivers.

Car CrashEach ‘accident’ can net the gangs tens of thousands of pounds in a variety of ways.
These include putting in false personal injury claims, typically whiplash, often including claims for people who were not even in the car. On top of this they may charge the insurance company for loss of earnings, and then add fake bills for vehicle storage, recovery, repairs, and replacement car hire.

Even if you know you know you are not at fault it is often difficult to prove your version of events – until now.
Dash cams –mini cameras which are mounted discreetly behind the rear view mirror record exactly what happened. Ian Crowder, an insurance specialist at the AA, claims dash cams provide ‘excellent protection’ against crash for cash scams. He adds ‘They can be very helpful in the event of an accident to work out who was involved and who was to blame. Footage could be useful to support an insurance claim.’
So valuable is the evidence provided by these devices that insurance companies are offering discounts on premiums to drivers with dash cams.

In its review of dash cams The Sunday Times gave their Best Buy Award and 5 star rating to Mi-Witness HD, describing it as ‘unobtrusive, simple to set up and use, plus good software’.
Road Angel, the trusted name in road safety as an authorised reseller of Mi-Witness HD is able to provide extended product warranty to drivers who want to protect themselves from the rise in fraudulent accident claims and benefit from reduced insurance premiums. For more information on the Mi-Witness product visit www.roadangelgroup.com  

Have you witnessed a cash for crash incident or been a victim of one? Has this ever increasing rise in incidents affected your trust of other road users? Would you consider using an in-car camera to aid in your claims process?

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