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Minimum Maintenance in Capturing Red Light Runners?

Will the Truvelo ‘D-Cam’ become the preferred speed camera for local authorities?

Camera accuracy has always been critical and new cameras rightly undergo stringent testing.  The design of a new camera currently going through the approval process may provide local authorities the benefit of lower maintenance as well.

The ‘D-Cam’ from Truvelo is housed within a specially designed ‘Integra-Post’ which it is claimed provides ‘greater vandal resistance’ – an interesting selling point.

The floor of the camera housing upon which the camera sits, can be lowered to waist height to provide easy access, which in theory should make maintenance quicker and safer.

With all the required camera equipment and data storage contained within the ‘D-Cam’ itself there is no requirement for vulnerable electronics to be stored in a roadside cabinet within easy access of anyone with an ‘enthusiasm’ for camera tampering!

The Truvelo ‘D-Cam’ is reported to have the capability of acting as a speed camera as well as a red light camera at a single site; using a single colour camera for coverage of three lanes of traffic.  The speed camera functionality will operate during the green and amber phases and for the first second of red time of a traffic light transition.

The Truvelo ‘D-Cam’

The Truvelo ‘D-Cam’

Any speeding offences will be captured via a single photo taken from the front or the rear of the unit.  Red light infringements will be recorded by a pair of rear photos.

As a permanent ‘automatic unattended’ camera the ‘D-Cam’ will have the capacity to store up to 100,000 encrypted and signed images.  These can be downloaded on site to a Shuttle PC.  In reality local authorities will take advantage of transmitting the images in real time over an ADSL/3G connection to a back-office.

What do you think of the possibilities of these ‘modern streamlined’ cameras appearing on a road near you?  Will they make you drive more safely?  Have you witnessed any damage to a speed camera?  Let us know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

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