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2013 Bike Trac Success Continues

Following a successful year of recoveries in 2012 for Bike Trac, 2013 is already showing promise with record sales in February and a number of successful recoveries too.

While 2012 showed clear signs that motorcyclists were beginning to embrace alternative security solutions like tracking devices such as Bike Trac, 2013 is showing even stronger signs that this is the future for motorcycle security. More riders than ever before have chosen Bike Trac in February, with many installing it on brand new ’13 registration prefix machines in early March.

Bike Trac’s Bill Taylor explained the growing trend, “Last year was a real turning point for motorcycle security, as more riders began to consider alternative methods to combat bike theft. While uptake through our dealers was encouraging, we also gained acknowledgement from manufacturers too, with BMW, Honda, Kawasaki and others utilising our system in one way of another. On top of this, BMW introduced a discount through their official Insurance scheme, as did Ducati who also chose us to protect the Panigale, with a free Bike Trac unit supplied with every new machine sold until the end of April.

“While we maintain that basic security such as chains, locks and ground anchors should still be utilised, when it comes to the second line of defence tracking is becoming more and more recognised as an effective option. Unlike other systems on the market, we can track via GPS, GSM and RF signals, making Bike Trac one of the most comprehensive and successful systems on the market.”

Away from the thorny issue of theft, Bike Trac has supported a number of high profile motorcycle adventurers in the last twelve months. Thanks to the ride tracking element, riders along with their family and friends can follow recent routes online and even download afterwards and share with other likeminded enthusiasts. In 2012 alone Bike Trac supported Charley Boorman’s Channel 5 TV series ‘Extreme Frontiers’ in South Africa, actor Danny John Jules as he rode to Dakar, Jeff Pritchard’s ride from Wales to Thailand and other charity based rides too.

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