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Road Angel set for expansion following RoadPilot, Pogo, and licence acquisitions

Road Angel Group Ltd, the UK’s leader in the provision of safety camera and blackspot warning systems for motorists, today announced that it has acquired RoadPilot Ltd, and also acquired certain assets and licences including the Pogo brand, from Origin Technologies Ltd.

The acquisitions combine two of the leaders in the ‘safety camera locator’ market, and provide Road Angel with the ability to provide safety camera and blackspot information to drivers in over 35 countries, via multiple platforms.

Road Angel Head Office

Road Angel Head Office

The combination of international data and licences will provide customers with “greater access to road safety information”, according to Road Angel CEO, Mark Thickbroom.

“The acquisition of RoadPilot and licences obtained from Origin Technologies perfectly complement our existing portfolio, and will help us achieve our long term goal of becoming the provider of choice in relation to safety camera and blackspot information – both in the UK and abroad”, Mark said.

“Our focus is on giving customers choice. Not only can we now deliver the most accurate safety camera and blackspot warnings in over 35 countries, we plan to deliver these via multiple platforms”.

The company intends on offering international data on existing products in due course, as well as consolidating it’s UK databases. They also have plans to develop local offerings in foreign markets via smart phones, portable navigation devices, in-built systems, and dedicated dash-top devices.

More details about the acquisition and development plans will follow over the coming months.

About RoadPilot

Established in 2000, RoadPilot was one of the first companies to market a GPS speed camera location device, and is now a leading provider of international safety camera and blackspot data to the automotive satellite navigation, online mapping, routing, and printed map sectors.

About Origin Technologies

Origin Technologies was founded in 2000 as a provider of UK safety camera locator solutions for drivers. With a number of multi-national patents relating to the format and delivery of safety camera and blackspot information, they have developed a number of solutions across multiple platforms.

About Road Angel

Road Angel is the UK’s market leader in the development of innovative safety camera and blackspot location products. By combing their expertise in developing connected GPS products with accurate location data, the company strives to keep drivers informed, safe, and protected on the roads.

For further information, please contact Neil Kuiper, Marketing Manager on 01327 855586.

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