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Road Angel Gem – what our customers’ think

Road Angel Gem

Road Angel Gem

It’s been 4 months since we launched Road Angel Gem, and following discussion with our early adopters, we thought we would publish a brief article addressing some of the feedback we have had from these customers. So if you’re thinking about buying a Gem, or simply interested in what other customers have to say, read on.




Things our customers like

1. The new speaker has improved audio quality

When you’re driving, you need to be able to hear alerts clearly, as you can’t always check it visually. This increases road safety as you become more aware of approaching hazards, whilst maintaining concentration on your driving. You can of course manually adjust the audio volume to your liking, in the menu settings.

2. Looks and feels smart, compact and professional

The last thing you want is to have a cluttered dashboard. Its small size and stylish design means it doesn’t take up a lot of room, and looks great on your dashboard.

3. eAssist

With the built-in emergency assist feature, at the push of a button you can be connected to an emergency call centre operative in the case of an accident or incident.

4. New buttons are responsive

Gem comes with new tactile buttons, which although relatively small, are responsive to the touch. This makes it easy to customise your Gem to your liking, and to use the Speedshare and Camerashare features.

5. SpeedShare™

Gem displays the speed limits of the road you are travelling on at all times. Due to the ever changing nature of our road networks however, these are constantly changing. As a result, we strive to update the central road speed limit database regularly to ensure that out of the 250,000 miles of road around the UK, the correct speed limit is displayed on your device. SpeedShare lets you suggest new or revised road speed limits if you think the one shown on your device is inaccurate. With many thousands of motorists contributing, this ensures you receive the most accurate information possible.

6. CameraShare™

Similar to SpeedShare, CameraShare lets you share the LIVE locations of mobile and camera van sites with other connected Road Angel users. If a site has been set as ‘live’, any approaching connected Road Angel user will get a LIVE camera warning as they approach the camera site. Live camera sites are active for 2 hours, which is the maximum time mobile camera operatives and/or camera vans can sit in one location at a time.

7. Road speed library is very accurate

As discussed, thanks to SpeedShare, and our in-house team of ‘loggers’, Road Angel Gem has the UK’s most accurate database of road speed limits.

8. In built laser alert

Unlike some of its predecessors, Gem has an in-built laser detector that alerts you if you have been zapped by a laser speed gun. No need for an external attachment!

9. Full colour LCD screen

This ensures you can see your route clearly, and the upcoming accident blackspot areas, school zones, cameras and speed limits.

10. It can be hard-wired

Gem can be wired into your vehicle so that you do not have messy power leads trailing across your dashboard. If hard-wired, Gem will switch on and off with the vehicle – easy!


Our response to some things our customers didn’t like

1. The screen can be un-readable in bright sunlight

Gem comes equipped with an adjustable dash mount and a built in visor. Once the mount is secured into the car and Gem is in place, you can tilt the mount to adjust your view, shielding it from bright sunshine.

2. Due to the dash mount, you can’t easily use it in different cars

We now have a windscreen mount that customers can purchase and put in additional vehicles. This makes it easy to take and use Gem in any vehicle you drive.

3. The power lead doesn’t reach across the dash board

If you need a longer lead, we provide a number of longer power leads to suit most vehicles.

4. It alerts me when cameras aren’t there

The only time you will be notified of a camera and it’s not there, is in the case of mobile camera and camera van locations. By law, each regional camera partnership must disclose the locations where they ‘might’ use mobile cameras and vans (although not easily accessible by the public). When however they decide to park up at these locations is more of a mystery. As such, Gem will alert you to the known locations, and if there IS a camera present, users can share this with the wider Road Angel community by using the CameraShare feature.

5. The beeps are annoying when I’m approaching a camera

Gem has two alert options, which can be changed via the menu setting – a looped beep option, and a single beep option. The factory setting for Gem is the looped beep, meaning that Gem will continuously alert you to the hazard upon approach. By selecting the single beep option however, Gem will beep less frequently as you approach the hazard.

6. There is a lag is the speed reading

As Gem takes its current speed data from GPS, there is a split second delay in the speed reading. Although somewhat a niggle for all GPS based products, the reading on Gem is a lot more accurate than on the vehicle’s dash, due to how manufacturers calibrate their vehicles speedometers.

7. Gem continues to beep while I’m stuck in traffic

This was an issue with the early software on Gem, which has now been solved. Since our latest firmware update (which is available for download from our website at www.roadangelgroup.com) if you are travelling under 5 miles per hour and within an ‘alert zone’, Gem will mute all audible alerts. All new Gem’s come with this improved software, so there is no need for manual updating.

8. I don’t think I’ll remember to update the camera database

Gem is our latest connected device, meaning that it automatically updates its on-board safety camera and blackspot database every few minutes as you drive.

9. I don’t want another device on my dashboard!

We have designed Gem to be incredibly discrete, so that it sits neatly on any dashboard. You can even hard-wire it into your vehicle so there are no power leads trailing across the dashboard. Even if you don’t hard-wire the unit, Gem has an in-built battery that will last up to four hours.


We would like to thank all of our Gem customers for their feedback and thoughts, as it helps us to continue to develop products that are of benefit to you. If you have any other feedback, or are thinking of buying a Gem and have further questions, please contact us on 01327 855586, visit our website at www.roadangelgroup.com, or email us at sales@roadangelgroup.com.

Did you know that Road Angel also provide vehicle tracking for commercial fleets? For more information, visit the Road Angel Fleet website at www.roadangelfleet.com.

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