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Road Angel Fleet Offers More

Road Angel Fleet produces a number of vehicle tracking and security products for business fleets. As part of the Road Angel Group, the company prides itself on providing a range of useful, easy to use and cost effective products that provide tangible benefits to fleet operators.

Live Track’s sophisticated reporting system tells you the LIVE locations of your vehicles on one map. Their geographical positions are automatically monitored every 60 seconds giving you ‘real time’ reporting of their location, travel direction and speed.

It also provides you with a breadcrumb-trail of a journey route with speed indication, detailed journey history, any idle time, ignition status and over-speed reports. Data that will help your fleet operators effectively manage your vehicles and drivers.

Fleet Monitor is the perfect tool to help your fleet operators. Management becomes easier through Fleet Monitor’s constant, automatic recording of your vehicles when they’re in use and the miles they travel. Plus, Fleet Monitor removes the administrative burden of Duty of Care and Health and Safety regulations.

The system will reduce time spent in the office on paperwork, and also helps your drivers as they will no longer need to submit manual mileage sheets and fuel expense claims. Not only will it reduce reporting errors, it will give you and your drivers time to focus on more important aspects of your jobs.

With Fleet Asset you’ll know instantly where all your tracked items are on one map, day and night. When Fleet Asset is disarmed or a theft has occurred, it switches into journey tracking mode and records the location of the item at 60 second intervals, so you’ll always have a fix on its location, direction and speed.

For more information about our vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, please visit the Road Angel Fleet website, or call us direct on 01327 855586.

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