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Charley Boorman praises Bike Trac

Charley Boorman has praised Road Angel Group’s Bike Trac product, following it’s involvement in the filming of Charley’s latest Extreme Frontiers series – ‘Extreme Frontiers: South Africa’.

Bike Trac was fitted to Charley’s bike as the Extreme Frontiers team set-off around South Africa to film their latest series. The resulting journey was recorded and shown LIVE on the Bike Trac website for friends, family and fans to follow. To see the journey the guys took, visit the Extreme Frontiers website.

You can listen to Charley’s comments about Bike Trac by watching the video below.

Bike Trac’s Bill Taylor explained,

“The tracking of Charley and the team as they travelled around South Africa was a huge success, and is testament to the reliability of the Bike Trac product. It was a privilege to be able to work with Charley and his team, and we look forward to future joint endeavors.”

Visit the Extreme Frontiers website to find out more about the new upcoming series.

Above: A screen shot of the Bike Trac website, showing the ‘Extreme Frontiers: South Africa’ journey.


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