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Bike Trac Plays Major Role In Convictions

Leading motorcycle security tracking device, Biketrac, has been acknowledged for playing a major role in the conviction of four individuals after its technology not only pin-pointed the whereabouts of a stolen motorcycle, but also tracked the movement of the individuals involved, while the stolen motorcycle was transported in the thieves van.

After an eighteen-month long investigation, named ‘Operation Penpoll’, the Metropolitan Police recovered no-less than seventeen high value, high powered motorcycles, after setting up the undercover operation, culminating in the arrest of the gang thanks to the fitment of a Biketrac system to one of the stolen machines.

Biketrac’s Bill Taylor commented,

This was a big operation for the Metropolitan Police and we feel incredibly proud that our product was able to assist in the process. Along with pin-pointing the exact location of a bike, Biketrac also leaves a breadcrumb route, which in this instance enabled the police to understand where the bike had been since its theft, tieing up the crucial evidence of addresses it had visited to timings and known offenders. On top of this, the Yamaha that it was fitted too, was returned to its rightful owner safely in one-piece.”

As well as recovering the stolen Yamaha, Police also recovered two engines from stolen motorcycles, twelve stolen motorcycles, which were at various stages of being dismantled and most importantly, the registration plate from the original motorcycle, along with the discovery of the fingerprints of one of the suspects on one of the stolen motorcycles which was in the process of being broken down for parts.

Following the successful recovery of the stolen Yamaha and the other items, the four defendants were charged with conspiracy to steal motorcycles.

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