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80mph speed limts – a wise move?

 According to ex-Formula One Champion, Damon Hill the answer to that question is an affirmative, no, but will his outspoken opinions be taken on board or fall on deaf ears?

The retired racing legend, openly spoke out against Government proposals to raise the national speed limit on British motorways to 80mph, saying that they made him shudder. Calling instead for a drastic 25mph reduction to bring us in line with the US, Hill feels most people aren’t safe enough to drive over 55.

Having reached speeds of more than 200mph on the racing track himself, Hill expressed uncertainty in the driving ability of motorists and said they don’t give the roads their full attention. Mostly they drive too fast, too close to the car in front, and they think they know what they’re doing. And they don’t.

He added: “What happens when people drive on the roads is that they don’t concentrate, they just think about something else.”

Government ministers, however, are eager to push full steam ahead with any changes being implemented early 2013, but will more bad than good come from tampering with the 47-year-old speed limit?

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it…

Behind the 10mph increase are promises of significant economic benefits. Similar to the speed limit in other parts of Europe, 80mph will shorten journey times for motorists but what about the predicted 20% increase in fuel costs and C02 emissions?

Figures from the Department of Transport indicate a combined 13% increase in traffic over the past 10 years in England and Wales alone. Surely this is no coincidence next to 1,901 reported deaths from road traffic accidents in 2011‚ the first increase in these figures since 2003. The number of people killed or seriously injured has also increased for the first time since 1994.

Being passionate about road safety, Road Angel would like to hear your views on the new proposed speed limit. Our Road Angel Gem speed management device warns you about up-to-date road speeds using GPRS technology and allows you to connect directly to the emergency services in the event of an accident.

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